Astrophysics - AI Software
This video is a product of a collaborative effort with an external videographer who was hired to capture our new AI software in action, showcasing its ability to enhance image quality and instantly detect threats by outlining potential risks. In this project, my role involved crafting a script and storyboard to clearly communicate our intended goals to the videographer. I also actively contributed to setting up the scene by adjusting lighting and providing relevant suggestions based on the script and storyboard. Finally, I made additional edits to the video to ensure its suitability for trade shows and social media platforms, making it engaging and captivating for our target audience.
Astrophysics - AI Software
This video was created based on a script and shot list that I meticulously developed. I recorded the cargo x-ray machine, which measures over 35 feet in length and more than 20 feet in height, utilizing various methods to capture its immense size. The objective was to highlight the software's functionalities while showcasing its compactness in comparison to other cargo x-ray machines, despite its substantial dimensions.
Arize Tradeshow - Video
In this video project, my role was to edit and merge a series of videos into a cohesive final piece, intended for showcasing at trade shows. My tasks encompassed editing, applying masks, incorporating graphics, and ultimately ensuring the video is captivating while encouraging viewers to stop by and engage during trade shows.
Arize - How To Videos
This is a comprehensive series of "how-to" videos specifically created for Arize residents. The primary objective of these videos is to provide step-by-step guidance to residents on the installation of their smart devices within their homes. To ensure the best user experience, I collaborated closely with the product development and installation departments to develop a script that effectively addressed user needs. Additionally, I meticulously created detailed storyboards to adhere to during the project, as the timeline required shooting, editing, and delivering the entire series within a week.

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